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Florida female angler Luiza spends most of her time fishing, diving & sharing her outdoor adventures with her followers on YouTube. She's always had a love for the ocean & her fishing addiction started when she was just a little girl the first time her grandparents took her fishing. 


Luiza is the Co-Host of Saltwater Fishing Television show " Livin the Dream with Capt. Jimmy Nelson " on the Sportsman Channel & World Fishing Network. She has made the cover of numerous fishing magazines including GAFF magazine, Onshore Offshore, Woods & Water, Coastal Angler & Big Game Fishing Journal. Luiza has also written & has been featured in various fishing magazine articles over the past several years. She is also a proud member of the CCA, Coastal Conservation Association. Fishing is her passion and she's here to share her experiences with all of you as she travels the world living the Salt Life.

About Me

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